Upskill your workforce with sustainability knowledge

From Learnsy you find a global collection of courses, MOOCS and events dedicated to sustainability.

Driving sustainability through learning

Corporations need to achieve sustainability-targets, but lack the necessary skills and knowledge for delivering those goals. This is why we developed Learnsy. A platform for sustainability learning that works as a driver for organizations sustainability journey.
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Skills and knowledge

We make sure that your organization is equipped with skills and knowledge for the green transition.

Learning offerings

From Learnsy you find the latest learning offerings that are categorized under ESG-themes.

Transparent reporting

With Learnsy, organizations will be able to track training activity against their ESG-goals.
Learning offerings

Education providers

We consistently update our learning offering selection from private and public sector education providers from around the world. Apply to collaborate with us to showcase your organization’s sustainability learning offerings for free in Learnsy's catalog – Click below!
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Learning in collaboration with

With Learnsy we want to show employees that what they learn is actually taking them somewhere. And not just employees but the organizations they represent and even the whole society.

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About Learnsy

Learnsy was incubated in spring 2022 at the Helsinki City Education Hub’s Incubator program. Every since we have taken the idea further by accelerating progress at the Tech Nordic Advocates Mentor program in 2023, and by developing and testing a prototype of the service in collaboration with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Let's go!

Start your sustainability learning journey

Explore our learning catalogue of free and paid, face-to-face (F2F), online or hybrid courses, events, MOOCs, and webinars. We include learning offerings from organizations with up to date knowledge in corporate responsibility and sustainability.
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Join the journey

Let's take concrete actions towards sustainability and corporate responsibility. We are currently seeking especially:

  • Corporations, to participate on product development
  • Education providers, to Learnsy's catalogue
  • Investors, Angel and VC
  • Organization to collaborate through projects

Leave your contact information and let's start a conversation.

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