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Making learning motivating, sustainable and purposeful.

Learnsy brings together learning possibilities related to sustainability.


Achieving a better sustainable future depends on our relationship with society and the environment. For a sustainable future we need to develop new strategies and understand how to implement those initiatives effectively.

We need people with skills and knowledge for solving the world’s hard systemic problems. It is time to learn, but WHAT should we learn? And where to start?


Learnsy is a modern training platform for companies and organizations. It collects learning opportunities together that support corporate sustainability goals, and employees need for skills and knowledge required for meeting those goals.

With available data Learnsy builds structured learning paths according to employer’s responsibility goals and employee’s personal learning desires. Learnsy includes both paid and free learning opportunities, as well as internal and external trainings.


With Learnsy we want to show employees that what they learn is actually taking them somewhere. And not just employees but the organizations they represent and even the whole society.


Learnsy is a venture that was incubated in spring 2022 at the Helsinki City Education Hub’s Incubator program. Every since we have taken the solution further by user interviews and workshops. At the moment we are developing a prototype for early stage user and customer testing.

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Take the first step for a greener future and participate to Learnsy’s early state development.

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